Rusa (limited edition)

Rusa (limited edition)
This is a limited edition version of the Rusa book. This series is limited to 100 copies numbered 1-100 and signed by the author. This edition also comes with a hard sleeve to house the book. Only 2 copies available.
 The book provides a comprehensive overview of a unique species of deer known as rusa.
The book includes chapters on the evolution, indigenous range, historical introductions to Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Mauritius. It also contains information on their ecology and habits, how to judge a trophy rusa stag on the hoof and the antler scoring systems for trophies with photos and stories of world record trophy rusa and numerous personal recounts and photos.This book 'Rusa' also has some great input from some very experienced rusa men, past and present. Long time New Caledonian rusa outfitter, Murray Thomas provides the guide outfitting history of New Caledonia. With some tales of World record trophy rusa harvested from New Caledonia over the years. Dave Barraclough gives his personal experience with the New Zealand rusa herd with him living amongst these deer for several years while he worked as a professional possum trapper in the area.
Not only does the book cover all things rusa, it also explores the Australian hunting culture and the failed sika deer release in New South Wales, Australia, that had previously gone un-publicised. The rusa book is hardcover, 210mm wide by 300mm high with 320 pages filled with nearly 100,000 words of informative information and 566 photos. Like it has already been stated there is only 100 copies of this addition. The generic edition will have 2900 copies and will not become an Ebook available as a soft copy. These additions will stay old school hardcover coffee table books.
This publication will definitely increase your knowledge and understanding of rusa. There are some very historical photos of rusa never before published.