“I enjoyed reading what you have done, with so much information that most people would be unaware of, ‘fascinating stuff’. I look forward to seeing more of the same.” 

Dr Tony English  - Deer Industry Association of Australia


“That Rusa project looks exciting. Go to it! I'll help you if I can. Projects like yours are very valuable - for eternity!”

Dr Valarius Geist - Author of Deer of the World


“I had not seen any of the proofs, or unbound sheets before today, congratulations, you should be very proud that the culmination of all your dedicated work set’s a new Benchmark for publications regarding deer in Australia. Fantastic Effort; good hunting.”

Bob Burke - Editor Wild Deer Magazine


The print quality is magnificent, well done on such a fine book well overdue in Australian deer hunting. Can’t wait to get stuck into it when work is over”.

Boris - Professional Artist & Cartoonist


“Arrived home at 9.30pm tonight and the book was already here. I spent the last 2 hours looking at the photos, have not had time to even read the captions. Book looks great, can hardly wait to start reading it. Will not be rushing it, looks like it will involve some very interesting reading. Congratulations, I certainly hope you get the credit you deserve for producing something that records a large part of the deerstalking history of Australia, maybe the ‘culture’ has changed but the history, and the facts surrounding, will not.”

Ron Thomas - Experienced deer hunter