Rusa book reviews

The following reviews were written by Australia’s top hunting journalist, featuring in Australia’s premier hunting magazines. Col Allison author of several hunting books (The Trophy Hunters, Hunters Manual of Australia and New Zealand, The Australian Hunter, to name a few) reviewed the Rusa book in his personal column, ‘Parting Shot’ in the Sporting Shooter magazine as has long time contributor and hunting DVD maker Tony Pizzata. John Dunn also an author wrote a glowing review of the Rusa book in the Shooters Journal magazine. Peter Burke author of ‘Quiet Footsteps’ reviewed the book in the deer orientated cutting edge magazine ‘Wilddeer and Hunting Adventures’. Chris Eberhart, writer of several whitetail deer hunting books showcased the Rusa book in his magnificent International hunting magazine ‘Hunters Path’. A feature review also appeared in Australia’s best bowhunting magazine ‘Arrowhead’ reviewed by the editor owner Doug Stojanovski. The Rusa book was also reviewed in the Australia Deer Associations long running club magazine 'Australian Deer'.