About the Author

Aaron Grant is an outdoor adventurer with a passion for hunting, primarily deer. He has over 30 years’ experience as an outdoorsman and his expeditions have taken him to over 15 countries in his search for rugged terrain, adventures and chasing game.

Aaron began writing articles in 2003 and has written for several well-known Australian and international magazines. This is Aaron’s first book which has taken over four years to research and undertake along with a lifetime of observing and hunting his local rusa herd.

As an avid reader and collector. Aaron’s enthusiasm for this project was piqued after noting the lack of available, (accurate) information primarily emotive based, on the rusa. He has spent a large portion of his life observing, studying and hunting rusa.

Presently juggling work, family and three children Aaron has utilised his limited free time to create an informative and visually stimulating piece of work. With intent to represent what the rusa as they’ve adapted to what they truly are and how they integrate with the modernised environments they now inhabit.